Other discussions


Focus on Flanders
Digital event: Online – Facebook live
Mon 9 May 13:00 – 14:00

In most editions of our Festival we feature work from the Flemish region of Belgium. We are keen to explore what makes this region such a creative hotbed for contemporary performing arts for young audiences. This series of online discussions are an opportunity to hear more about the showcased work from the companies Tout Petit and Grensgeval and also to learn more about the context of art making in Flanders.
Speakers: Bart Brosius (General Representative of Flanders), Mahlu Mertens (Grensgeval), Veerle Kerckhoven (Bronks), Gerhard Verfaillie (CCHA and Krokus Festival), Joke Laureyns (Kabinet K), Johan De Smet (Kopergietery), Lies Cuyvers (tout petit).


PUSH+ discussion: Difference as value
Venue: Scottish Storytelling Centre
Saturday 14 May 12:00 – 13:00

PUSH+ is a Creative Europe co-operation project led by Scenekunsbruket (Norway), Åbendans (Denmark), The Ark (Ireland), krokusfestival/CCHA (Belgium) and Imaginate (Scotland) with associate partners BICT Fest (Thailand). A group of PUSH+ artists and partners will be taking part in a 3-day programme at the Children’s Festival.
In this panel discussion event, we will discuss ideas and actions that came out of this year’s PUSH+ Lab exploring the topic of Different Bodies.  Lab artists and project partners will talk together with space for open discussion.