Let's Talk About Sex

c. Lidia Crisafulli

In the first Digital Delegate Encounter session for 2021, we heard from four artists and companies who are interested in talking to young people about topics often avoided. Why do they want to talk about bodies, gender and/or sexual identity with young people in their work? How have they developed the performance idea and what are their plans for further development? What safeguards have they put in place? And how was it received by the audience?

A recording of this event is available below until the end of February 2021.
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  • Shotput (Scotland)
    Jim Manganello and Lucy Ireland discuss Untitled Discotheque Project, a dance theatre performance for teenagers exploring the intersection between teenagers, technology and sex.
    Lisa Nilsson and Jilda Hallin discuss the company's latest dance performance, FOF, a show for 10-12yrs which investigates one of the most charged body parts and word, the vagina.
  • Mamoru Iriguchi (Scotland)
    Mamoru Iriguchi and Lou Brodie talk about Sex Education Xplorers (S.E.X.), a performance piece for teenagers (12-15yrs) that deals with gender and sexuality from an evolutionary viewpoint.
  • Josie Dale-Jones/ThisEgg (England)
    Josie discusses The Family Sex Show, which was created for family audiences (children AND adults) and explores sex, pleasure and love.

Host: Fiona Ferguson, Creative Development Director at Imaginate

BSL interpretation by Yvonne Strain and Janice Murdoch. Captioning by Premier Captioning & Realtime.

Digital Delegate Encounters is a series of talks and panel discussions aimed at industry professionals - colleagues from across the world who work or are interested in theatre and dance for young audiences.