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Theatre Experience - Guidelines for Teachers

c. Kat Gollock
c. Kat Gollock


Download these guidelines as a PDF

Key Contact:

Julian Almeida – 0131 225 8050 /



  • Do arrive at the venue early (15- 20 minutes before the start time). Download these guidelines as PDF

    This allows for travel delays and gives time for our ushers to seat you before the show starts. We have a no latecomers policy, so please make sure you arrive in good time.

  • Do let us know if you are running late, by phoning on 0131 225 8050.

    We can then see if we can delay the start time until you arrive.

  • Do look for our volunteers/staff in bright orange T-shirts, who will meet you when you arrive. Please let them know which school you are from and how many are in your group.

    You do not need printed tickets.

  • Do let children exclaim, react verbally, and speak to each other during the performance - we love to see and hear these reactions!

    If they continue talking in a way that is distracting for others and unrelated to the performance, that is the time to redirect their focus.

  • Do talk to your class about the themes of the show before and/or after the performance.

    We highlight each show’s links to the CfE on each show page (click ‘Schools Information’ green bar on the left of each show’s page): CfE Information

    More resources, including for specific shows, can also be found on our Learning Resources page.

  • Do remember we offer 10-15 min Q&A sessions with the show’s creative team after each morning performance (except for nursery-level shows).

    Pupils can ask questions and gain first-hand insight into artists’ creative process.

    The duration/end-time of the performance does not include the Q&A. Please ask if you are unsure whether your performance includes a Q&A.


  • Don’t allow children to use phones, cameras or electronic toys during the performance, as this can be distracting for other audience members and the performers. It is fine to take photos in the theatre space before the show begins or after it ends.

  • Don’t give pupils drinks and snacks to take into the theatre.