Sunday 27 May - Programme

Please see below for a full programme of activites for Sunday 27 May. There will be a printed programme with a Museum map available on the day or you can download it here. Some events have a specific starting time while others will be happening throughout the day. Most performances are drop-in. For events with small capacity, you can book time slots with the performers on the day.
The show the Bean Counter is free but ticketed. See below for details.


The Bean Counter (5+ yrs)
Alice Mary Cooper

12:15; 15:00 - Performance (30 mins)

Competitions are serious business. Jellybean counting contests are considerably competitive. And serious. And official. Jobsworth the Official is officially officiating. Authorised by authorities. Expect joyfully interactive clown comedy.
Free but ticketed (Book online here or at the box office on the day)


Beat the Feet (all ages)
Ubuntu Vibes

11:00; 13:00; 15.30 - Performance (30 min)

A fun, energetic and vibrant dance piece that brings rhythm, laughter and movement to your weekend.


Group Hug (all ages)
Tin Crate

12:30; 13:30; 14:30 - Performance (15 mins)

Group Hug gently invites the audience to stop, watch, listen and maybe even join in. Celebrating human connection, this intergenerational performance explores the joy of being part of something bigger than yourself. Supported by Edinburgh Council New Work fund, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and Imaginate


On Demand! (6+ yrs)
Samuel Jameson, Joe Johnson and Nikki Kalkman

Sat 10:45, 13:30, 15:45 - Performance (30 min) and activity (20 min workshop) 
Meet at box office 10min before

The residents of Sunflower Heights need food, fizzy pop and entertainment – right now! Luckily for them, Spork is on demand! A miniature puppet theatre followed by a puppet making workshop.



Are you going up? (all ages)

10:00-16:30 - Walkabout performance

Join our expeditions! Your ordinary journey in the lift or on the stairs will become an extraordinary adventure.


The Dirty Laundry Campaign (4+ yrs)
Ruxandra Cantir and Sarah Rose Graber

11:30; 12:45; 14:45; 15:45 - Walkabout performance

Two politician clowns are looking for your vote. Who will you choose Stripes or Polka Dots?! Join the election mayhem!


Eggy Ladies (4+ yrs)
Marta Soriano and Anna Chaney

10:00-16:30 - Walkabout performance

The Eggy Ladies are two delightful, charming and adventurous characters. They are always curious about the world, they enjoy dancing and they'd love you to dance with them.


Can you tame the unicorn? (all ages)
Nudge Puppets

10:00-16:15 - Roaming character

There is a rumour that a unicorn is hiding here. Can you find the unicorn and tame its heart?  



The Tallest (3+ yrs)
Mamoru Iriguchi and Robbie Synge

10.00 - 16.30 - Drop-in activity

With a little help from specially-designed colourful capes, The Tallest makes wee ones (and their grownups) into very, very tall Tallestians. Enjoy the totally new Tallestian view of the world and roam around the Grand Gallery!


The Land of Wooglelumps and Booglebirds: Puppet Making and Play (3+ yrs)

10:00-16:15 - Drop-in activity

A strange new world of giant flowers and magic mountains has been discovered. Come and help us create cardboard puppet creatures (part bug, part monster, part child), and go on an adventure through the cardboard set made by the artists.


Fragile Existence (all ages)
Anna Noonan

10:00-16:30 - Drop-in installation

Tiny figures appear on small houses. What is home to you? Who exists inside or outside of a home?


Tea Dances (all ages)
Anna Noonan

10:00-16:15 - Drop-in installation

Welcome to a magical woodland tea party where tiny dancers play and the choreography unfolds in and out of teacups and crockery!


The Art Classroom: Drawing from Life (5+ yrs)
Peel Eezy

10:30-15:30 - Drop-in activity

Enter ​The Art Classroom​, an alternative future conception of art production. Our trained classroom technicians will guide children through the first lesson of art making, Drawing from Life​.



Soundplay Dome (all ages)
Bal Cooke and Ewan Sinclair

12:00-15:00 - Sensory drop-in activity

The Soundplay Dome is a magical sensory space where children of all ages can interact with music, sound and light. The Dome has been developed with a wide range of needs in mind and is suitable for those with sensory impairments.
Check out the trailer here.