What the press said...

It is not only the largest festival of its kind in the UK, it is also, to my mind, the highest quality, most carefully curated performing arts showcase in Scotland.

—Mark Brown, Sunday Herald, June 2018

"This is Imaginate’s 30th year of children’s theatre festivals, and I have been to shows in nearly every one of them. But it is many years since I saw a show that so thoroughly took my imagination out, dusted it off, carefully sprinkled it with fairy dust – and then set it ablaze!" (Small Wonders - Thom Dibdin, All Edinburgh Theatre)

"The idea that children’s imaginations are special and powerful… has surely never been expressed more vividly than in Punchdrunk’s enthralling show-cum-installation Small Wonders" (Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman)

"The Small Wonders set may have taken the company an entire week to build – but it will take its audience a lifetime to forget." (Kelly Apter, The List)

"Performed with precision and charm, the show draws inventively on the techniques of street theatre, clowning, shadow puppetry, animation and object theatre without ever being confined by a single style." (Emil & the Detectives - Mark Fisher, The Guardian)

"In Three Legs, three brilliant physical performers occupy a lovely octagonal carpeted space in which they play physical games that the children in the audience love and identify with instantly." (Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman