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A humorous performance with skilful physicality and lively percussion that offers its young audience the opportunity to consider friendship and the importance of offering help and support to others, a key feature within Health and Wellbeing.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links

Health and Wellbeing

I understand that my feelings and reactions can change depending upon what is happening within and around me. This helps me understand my own behaviour and the way others behave.

HWB   0-04a/1-04a

Class Stage
Nursery – P1 (2+)
Curriculum Links
Health and Wellbeing
Assembly Roxy
Duration: 40 min
Seating: Bench seating


Assembly Roxy
2 Roxburgh Pl, Edinburgh, EH8 9SU
  • Wednesday 20 May 10:00
  • Wednesday 20 May 13:15
  • Thursday 21 May 10:00
  • Thursday 21 May 13:15
  • Friday 22 May 10:00
  • Friday 22 May 13:15
  • Saturday 23 May 10:00
  • Saturday 23 May 13:15
  • Saturday 23 May 15:30
  • Monday 25 May 10:00
  • Monday 25 May 13:15
  • Tuesday 26 May 10:00
  • Tuesday 26 May 13:15

BOKS is a physical production with an original, composed soundscape that is created live – a dance theatre piece about reaching out to someone, about togetherness.

Two people find themselves stuck in a confined space, a box. They can’t get away from each other. There is confusion, fear and a sense of unfamiliarity. They also discover that they are not alone. Gradually they warm to each other, though not without the inevitable tensions, clashes, caresses and emotions. Uneasiness turns to laughter and infectious amusement.

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