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This interactive, mutli sensory production explores the vital role of the Land Army during World War II. Rich with opportunties to explore the natural world and agriculture within an historical context, Down to Earth can support work around Health and Wellbeing, Social Studies and Science.

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Health and Wellbeing
Social Studies
Oaklands School
Oaklands School
750 Ferry Road , Edinburgh, EH4 4PQ

This show is presented as a partnership with Oaklands School and is not available for bookings.

Using Bamboozle’s own immersive style, Down to Earth: Outdoors is an interactive, multi-sensory production inspired by the Land Army girls of World War II. Individually welcomed into the production through song, children will touch and feel a vegetable patch full of earth and fresh produce, meet a mischievous mole and enjoy a night time forest journey with fireflies to help light the way.

A rare and moving experience, Down to Earth was first presented at our 2016 Festival and incorporates live music, movement and most powerfully, stillness, to ensure each participant has the time to respond to this gentle performance in their own way. During the COVID panademic the production has been re-staged as an outdoor performance to ensure the safety of its audience members. This new version enhances the magical quality of the production which celebrates each child’s closeness with nature.

“A brilliantly engaging, interactive, musical and theatrical experience loved by pupils and staff alike.” Stuart Rooker, Ashgate Croft School

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