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This deeply affecting monologue opens up questions around bullying, power in relationships and the nature of evil. Religious and Moral Education and Health and Wellbeing provide possibilities to reflect on and respond to the content.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links:

Health and Wellbeing

I understand that my feeling and reactions can change depending upon what is happening within and around me. This helps me to understand my own behaviour and the way others behave. HWB 3-04a/ HWB 4-04a

Religious and Moral Education Principles and Practice

Learning through Religious and Moral education enables children and young people to explore and establish values such as wisdom, justice, compassion and integrity and engages in the development and reflection in their own moral values

Religious and Moral Education

I can apply philosophical enquiry to explore questions or ethical issues. RME 4-09e

Class Stage
P7 – S4
Duration: 65 minutes
Capacity: 98
Seating: Theatre seating

The show includes disturbing descriptions of violence.

Artspace, Edinburgh, EH16 4NX
  • Tuesday 30 May 11:00
  • Tuesday 30 May 14:00
  • Tuesday 30 May 18:00
  • Wednesday 31 May 11:00

Erik is sent off to a prestigious boarding school to escape a violent father and a life of petty crime. But the school is run by a sadistic older pupils’ council and he soon becomes the target of their relentless bullying. As Erik tries to stand up for himself and his roommate, he learns to find his own strength and discovers the importance of friendship, and most importantly, resilience.

This compelling monologue, based on an award-winning semi-autobiographical novel by Jan Guillou, focuses on the anatomy of evil. Do you become evil by being treated evil? And in the absence of any adult rules, can you defy daily punishment and humiliation and maintain goodness and a sense of true self?

“We are constantly in the centre of the story and Bang’s intense and heartfelt performance keeps the audience completely engrossed.” ★★★★★ Kirsten Dahl

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