Gretel and Hansel
Le Carrousel
6-11 yrs

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This exciting retelling of an old tale will give your pupils the opportunity to respond to the conflicting feelings that arise within sibling relationships and connects well with Health and Well Being and Literacy.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links

Effective Learning in Literacy and English proposes: the use of relevant, real-life and enjoyable contexts which build upon children and young people's own experience

Health and Well Being: I am aware of and able to express my feelings and am developing my ability to talk about them.

HWB 1-01a / HWB 2-01a

Class Stage
Curriculum Links
Health and Wellbeing
Literacy and English
Brunton Theatre
Duration: 60 minutes
Seating: Theatre seating
Brunton Theatre
Ladywell Way, Musselburgh, EH21 6AA
  • Tuesday 29 May 11:00
  • Tuesday 29 May 13:30
  • Wednesday 30 May 11:00
  • Wednesday 30 May 13:30

He was born on a Thursday. Vegetable soup day.

When Hansel arrives, it upsets the balance of Gretel’s life completely. Her little brother has turned everything upside down. When their parents abandon them in the forest and they end up at the witch’s house, she is very tempted to push him into the oven with their jailer and get rid of him forever...

This version by internationally acclaimed playwright Suzanne Lebeau offers a different take on an old tale. One seen through the eyes of Gretel, stuck with a little brother she’d just as soon leave behind.  With compassion and insight and assisted by spectacular design work, the show investigates sibling relationships, capturing the interplay of strong and sometimes contradictory feelings such as love and jealousy.

“By making something new out of an old archetype, Suzanne Lebeau brings audiences to experience unexpected emotions.” La Presse

 Funded by Conseil des Arts du Canada, Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec.


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