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Exploring the idea of stepping out into the world, this visual and moving performance encourages the children to join the hermit on a journey of imagination and curiosity. Literacy and Social Studies offer opportunities to reflect on these themes.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links


I listen or watch for useful or interesting information and I use this to make choices or learning new.

LIT  0-04a

Social Studies

I explore and discover the interesting features of my local environment to develop an awareness of the world around me.

SOC    0-07a

Class Stage
Nursery-P2 (2 yrs+)
Curriculum Links
Literacy and English
Social Studies
Scottish Storytelling Centre
Duration: 35 min + 10 min playtime
Seating: Theatre seating


Scottish Storytelling Centre
  • Tuesday 10 May 10:00
  • Tuesday 10 May 11:45
  • Tuesday 10 May 14:00
  • Wednesday 11 May 10:00
  • Wednesday 11 May 11:45
  • Wednesday 11 May 14:00
  • Thursday 12 May 10:00
  • Thursday 12 May 11:45
  • Thursday 12 May 14:00

There is a square. Is it a house? There is sound. What happens inside? A lid opens. Is there something inside? What is inside? Who is inside?

Hermit is an original, visual, funny and moving performance about being alone and coming home.

With a background in music theatre and modern mime, Simone de Jong creates work based around music, movement and imagination, with performances which appeal to the multiple senses of its young audience, in a secretive way.

"A lovely theatrical treasure for all ages." Theaterkrant 


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