I Wish I Was a Mountain
the egg & Travelling Light Theatre
7-12 yrs

Curriculum for Excellence Resources

A thoughtful show that explores wants and desires and asks the audience to consider the consequences of a wish being granted. A performance with rhyme and music that will motivate learning in Literacy and Religious and Moral Education.

I am exploring how pace, gesture, expression, emphasis and choice of words are used to engage others, and I can use what I learn.                                                                                                    ENG 1-03a

I can recognise how the features of spoken language can help in communication and I can use what I learn.                                                                                                                                                        ENG 2-03a

Learning through religious and moral education enables children and young people to develop the skills of reflection, discernment, critical thinking and deciding how to act when making moral decisions.                                                            Religious and Moral Education Experiences and Outcomes

Class Stage
Curriculum Links
Literacy and English
Religious and Moral Education
Scottish Storytelling Centre
Duration: 45 min
Seating: Theatre seating
Scottish Storytelling Centre
  • Tuesday 28 May 10:15
  • Tuesday 28 May 13:15
  • Wednesday 29 May 13:15
  • Wednesday 29 May* 19:15
  • Thursday 30 May 10:15
  • Thursday 30 May 13:15
  • *BSL interpreted performance by Donna Williams

On the day of the famous annual fair, the town of Faldum receives an unexpected visit. A wanderer offers to grant a wish to anyone who wants one. Before long, the city is transformed. Mansions stand where mud huts once squatted, and beggars ride around in horse drawn carriages. And one man wishes to be turned into a mountain.

Written and performed by former Glastonbury Poetry Slam Champion Toby Thompson, I Wish I was a Mountain uses rhyme, live music, and just a smattering of metaphysical philosophy to boldly reimagine Herman Hesse’s classic fairytale.

Co-commissioned by Brighton Festival and Imaginate.

 ‘A profound show... which reveals Thompson as a star in the making.’ The Guardian

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