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7-15 yrs

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A heart warming tale of four strangers who seek refuge and go on to explore the meaning of friendship. The emotions evoked and ideas explored can be reflected on in Expressive Arts, Religious and Moral Education and in Health and Wellbeing.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links

Expressive Arts

I can respond to the experience of drama by discussing my thoughts and feelings. I can give and accept constructive comment on my own and others’ work.

EXA   1-15a/2-15a/3-15a

Religious and Moral Education

I am developing respect for others and my understanding of their beliefs and values.

RME   1-07a/2-07a/3-07a

Health and Wellbeing

I understand that people can feel alone and can be misunderstood and left out by others. I am learning how to give appropriate support.

HWB   1-08a/2-08a/3-08a

Class Stage
P3 – S3
Curriculum Links
Expressive Arts
Health and Wellbeing
Religious and Moral Education
Duration: 80 min
Seating: Theatre seating
Artspace, Niddrie Mains Terrace, EH16 4NX
  • Wednesday 27 May 13:00
  • Wednesday 27 May 19:00
  • Thursday 28 May 10:15
  • Thursday 28 May 13:00
  • Friday 29 May 10:30
  • Friday 29 May 13:30
  • Saturday 30 May 14:00

Four strangers find themselves stranded at a hotel searching for refuge on a stormy night, longing for a shoulder to lean on. Whilst sheltering from the weather, they find out something about themselves, regain their confidence and discover their voice.

This beautiful production from one of Europe’s most prestigious theatre companies, is full of poetic, playful and magical moments. Performed in a specially built set, audiences are immersed in the action, transported to a hotel lobby with a storm raging outside, for a unique site-specific experience. A funny, heart-warming and unforgettable show, Inuk is about friendship, family ties and finding peace.

Supported by the PLACE programme, funded by the Scottish Government (through Creative Scotland), the City of Edinburgh Council and the Edinburgh Festivals.

Inuk is a magical fairy tale about taking refuge and feeling at home. It’s warm, deeply human, dreaming out loud theatre. And we dream along.”  De Standaard


Government of Flanders

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