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This delightful production experiments with light and encourages the audience to discover, with the dancers, the effects of light and shadow. Their responses can be explored in Science and Expressive Arts.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links


By exploring reflections, the formation of shadows and the mixing of coloured lights, I can use my knowledge of the properties of light to show how it can be used in a creative way.

SCN   2-11b

Expressive Arts

I have the opportunity to enjoy taking part in dance experiences.

EXA   -10a

Class Stage
Nursery-P3 (3 yrs+)
Curriculum Links
Expressive Arts
The Studio
Duration: 30 min + 20 min playtime
Seating: Theatre seating


The Studio
22 Potterrow, Edinburgh, EH8 9BL
  • Friday 13 May 9:30
  • Friday 13 May 11:00
  • Saturday 14 May 10:30
  • Saturday 14 May 13:30
  • Sunday 15 May 10:30
  • Sunday 15 May 13:30

light! is a performance in which the light is dancing. Tiny lights and big spots traverse the stage. The light dances in rounds and the performers follow suit. The audience slowly discovers a world of nuances and light intensity – the gloom of a torch, the bright light of a larger spot, each radiating a different atmosphere.

The performers’s feet dance softly, then stomp, march shuffle. Their movements caught in the rays of light, sometimes smooth, soft or powerful.

The performance teases the senses and sparks the imagination and little ones get the chance to experiment with shadows and light at the end of the performance when they are invited to join the performers on stage.

tout petit creates light dance for toddlers in a playful and tender way.” Theaterkrant

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