Little Murmur
Aakash Odedra Company and The Spark Arts for Children
7-14 yrs

Curriculum for Excellence Resources

This energetic, multi-media performance offers a dynamic stimulus for class discussions around the concept of difference. Pupils can explore what it means to face and overcome barriers, and the importance of supporting those in our society who face these challenges. The performance can support learning within Health & Wellbeing, Social Studies and Expressive Arts.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links

Health and Wellbeing

I understand that people can feel alone and can be misunderstood and left out by others. I am learning how to give appropriate support. 

HWB 1-08a / HWB 2-08a 

I recognise that each individual has a unique blend of abilities and needs. I contribute to making my school community one which values individuals equally and is a welcoming place for all. 

HWB 1-10a / HWB 2-10a 

Expressive Arts

I can respond to the work of artists and designers by discussing my thoughts and feelings. I can give and accept constructive comment on my own and others’ work. 

EXA 1-07a / 2-07a

I can respond to the experience of dance by discussing my thoughts and feelings. I can give and accept constructive comment on my own and others’ work. 

EXA 1-11a / EXA 2-11a 

Social Studies

I can contribute to a discussion of the difference between my needs and wants of those of others around me. 

SOC 1-16a 

I can explain how the needs of a group in my local community can be supported. 

SOC 2-16a 

I can gather and use information about forms of discrimination against people in societies and consider the impact this has on people’s lives. 

SOC 2-16b 


Class Stage
Curriculum Links
Expressive Arts
Health and Wellbeing
Social Studies
Assembly Roxy
Duration: 40 min
Seating: Theatre seating

BSL interpretation by Jamie Rea on Friday 13 May 9:30 and Saturday 14 May 15:30

Assembly Roxy
2 Roxburgh Pl, Edinburgh, EH8 9SU
  • Thursday 12 May 9:30
  • Thursday 12 May 11:00
  • Thursday 12 May 13:15
  • Friday 13 May 9:30
  • Friday 13 May 11:00
  • Friday 13 May 15:30
  • Saturday 14 May 14:00
  • Saturday 14 May 15:30
  • Sunday 15 May 14:00
  • Sunday 15 May 15:30

Based on the true story of a child who one day realises they have been misspelling their own name. 

Little Murmur is about discovery and overcoming the odds. An honest, funny and heartfelt journey about the trials and tribulations of living with dyslexia and seeing things differently. Combining visual design and technology with dance and humour Little Murmur explores the warped and exaggerated realities of living in a world you struggle to process. 

This captivating performances uses wit, lighting, movement and illustration - a stunning visual treat! Watch bodies and words fly like flocks of birds, a murmuration, a little murmur. 

Murmur (the adult version from which Little Murmur is adapted) is a compelling evocation of mental turmoil. The opposite of opaque; a revelation of a world of wonder inside the mind.”  The Arts Desk

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