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Traverse Theatre
Duration: 55 minutes
Capacity: 127
Seating: Theatre Seating
Traverse Theatre
Edinburgh, EH1 2ED
  • Friday 2 June 19:15
  • Saturday 3 June 15:00
  • Saturday 3 June 19:00
  • Sunday 4 June 11:30
  • Sunday 4 June 15:00

A flash of fur, a glint of teeth, something is out there in the night…

Little Red sets off from home, destined for her granny’s house trying to be the girl she’s expected to be. But as the woods get thicker and the skies darker, an overwhelming urge arises to step off the path…

This beautiful dance theatre show takes an irreverent and contemporary twist on an old favourite as the three dancers all perform the same role in turn to create an engaging tale where all is not what it seems.

Little Red is a story about growing up. Reaching the point where we have to make our own decisions. Which path will you take?