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Your Home
Your Home
  • 28-30 May
  • 4-6 June
  • *Various tasks to complete over the weekend, finishing with a live Zoom session on Sunday afternoon (40 min)

MI85 are struggling to meet the challenges of the modern world and need new recruits. This highly professional covert network needs small nimble hands, sharp minds and spies with a passion for hiding and sneaking. In this strange world where ghosts, monsters and giant evil bears threaten Edinburgh, daring and brave new agents are required. You may think you have the perfect skills, but like all good spies, we need PROOF.

LOCK UP is a top-secret adventure, where our team of experienced operatives will make contact and test you and your family in a series of challenges... Can you work together to solve clues, show us what you're made of, beat the clock and join us to save the future?

Using your box of accessories, you will unlock clues and solve puzzles in your own time throughout the weekend, and finish with a live session online on Sunday afternoon.


Once booked, you will be allocated a time slot for the live Sunday afternoon you have selected. You will also receive further details about the experience, including a time to receive your box of clues ahead of the weekend and explanation on how to access the special website.

This is a very special event to experience over the weekend and places are limited.