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In this exciting production for toddlers and adults we are taken on a journey  that explores how relationships develop and grow and how we first make connections. These themes link directly to Early Learning.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links:

Four Key Principles for Best Starts and Positive Outcomes

  • Relationships: babies are born with a predisposition to form relationships and make connections with others
  • Rights of the Child: children are active citizens in the world and from an early age children find out about their rights often through relationships and the way others treat them
  • Respect: encouraging self-respect and respect for others begins through the kind of experiences and relationships children have with people around them
  • Responsive Care: babies make sense of the world through adults and the responses that they receive
Class Stage
Curriculum Links
Early Learning
Southside Community Centre
Duration: 45 minutes
Capacity: 50
Seating: Cushions and benches
Southside Community Centre
117 Nicolson St, Edinburgh, EH8 9ER
  • Tuesday 30 May 9:30
  • Tuesday 30 May 13:30
  • Wednesday 31 May 9:30
  • Wednesday 31 May 13:30
  • Thursday 1 June 9:30
  • Thursday 1 June 13:30
  • Friday 2 June 9:30
  • Friday 2 June 13:30
  • Saturday 3 June 10:15
  • Saturday 3 June 14:00
  • Sunday 4 June 10:15
  • Sunday 4 June 14:00

Birth (bəːθ/) – noun: the emergence of a baby from the body of its mother; the start of life as a physically separate being.
Relationship (rɪˈleɪʃ(ə)nʃɪp/) – noun: the way in which two or more people are connected.

Every new relationship is a journey – it can be tender, competitive, challenging, joyful. But where does that begin?

Join us at the ringside of our mini arena to witness this exciting new dance, theatre and live music experience made especially for toddlers and their grown-ups. Through playful movement, dance and sound, MamaBabaMe explores these profound new relationships and how eternal bonds evolve and grow.