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This dance performance explores the effect of light and dark on the imagination and absorbs its audience in moments of wonder. Students’ curiosity will be sparked and ideas can be further explored in both Expressive Arts and Technology.          

Successful learners become people who can express themselves, think innovatively, meet challenges positively and find imaginative solutions to problems and who have developed knowledge and skills related to the different arts and broader skills such as the use of technologies.

                                                                                             Expressive Arts Framework: Successful Learners

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Expressive Arts
North Edinburgh Arts
Duration: 35 min
Seating: Cushions

Non verbal

North Edinburgh Arts
15a Pennywell Court, Edinburgh, EH4 4TZ
  • Monday 27 May 9:45
  • Monday 27 May 11:45
  • Monday 27 May 13:45
  • Tuesday 28 May 9:45
  • Tuesday 28 May 11:45
  • Tuesday 28 May 13:45
  • Wednesday 29 May 9:45
  • Wednesday 29 May 11:45

Nero is a dance performance about darkness.

This unusual dark environment creates a space to dive into and let imagination run free.  With the two performers moving amongst the audience and using their clothing as reflective surfaces, the walls transform into huge black canvasses and light dances across the room, creating a magical atmosphere.

Nero continues Zinola and McCarthy’s investigation into form and emotional content for early years audiences following the company’s earlier production Primo. Nero is a journey, an experience to live and to discover; a chance for children and adults to consider the darkness from a new point of view.

With much inventive genius and obvious movement skills, the performers conjure a night place on the stage, in which children's imagination can walk free”

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