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Não Não
Le Vent des Forges
2-5 yrs

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Class Stage
The Studio at the Festival Theatre
Theatre seating
The Studio at the Festival Theatre
Potterrow (not Nicolson Street), Edinburgh, EH8 9BL
  • Saturday 2 June 10:30
  • Saturday 2 June 13:30
  • Saturday 2 June 15:30
  • Sunday 3 June 10:30
  • Sunday 3 June 13:30

Duration: 35 minutes

Não (No, in Portuguese) is a mischievous little boy made of clay who discovers a world of mud, water and talc. Não likes to jump in puddles, flood the house, cover himself with flour and eat earth.

Set in a mini amphitheatre of beautifully crafted wood and metal, this tender and humorous performance made entirely out of mouldable clay, explores the sensory and messy escapades of young children. The two performers knead and crush clay in their palms to give birth to the endearing character of Não. They also explore the adult emotions when facing a bold toddler for whom the forbidden holds so much joy. With songs and rhymes performed in Portuguese and French, Não Não is pure delight.

“A show full of poetry, tenderness and sensitivity.”

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