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The children firstly observe and are then encouraged to participate in the making of an action painting in this exciting and risk-taking performance. A colourful and directly emotional experience with concepts and skills that can be further developed in Expressive Arts.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links 

Expressive Arts

I have the freedom to discover and choose ways to create images and objects using a variety of materials.

EXA   0-02a

I can create and present work that shows developing skill in using the visual elements and concepts.

EXA   2-02a

Class Stage
Curriculum Links
Expressive Arts
Southside Community Centre
Duration: 55 min
Seating: Bench seating


Southside Community Centre
117 Nicolson St, Edinburgh, EH8 9ER
  • Sunday 8 May 10:45
  • Sunday 8 May 13:45
  • Monday 9 May 10:45
  • Monday 9 May 13:45
  • Tuesday 10 May 10:45
  • Tuesday 10 May 13:45
  • Wednesday 11 May 10:45
  • Wednesday 11 May 13:45

Jakob tries to copy the painting of his hero Jackson Pollock. But how can he make the right blot on the right spot? Should he drip, throw, pour or splash the paint? Does he need to work with brushes, sticks, or entire containers? He uses all his body parts, but no matter how he twists, turns, jumps, or rolls: his painting does not resemble the original. 

Plock! is visual circus-sound theatre that appeals to all the senses. With buzzing cans, dancing paint, coloured sounds, and an acrobatic painter.  A performance for everyone who likes to colour outside the lines every now and then.

"Acrobatic painting with a playful layer of craziness." Circus Magazine

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