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Drawn from the lived experiences of young people in the care system this show presents a hard-hitting story with heart, humour and humanity. This production is a perfect route into work around rights, responsibility and awareness, supporting learning in Health and Wellbeing and Social Studies.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links

Health and Wellbeing

I know that friendship, caring, sharing, fairness, equality and love are important in building positive relationships. As I develop and value relationships, I care and show respect for myself and others.

HWB 1-05a / HWB 2-05a / HWB 3-05a

I understand that people can feel alone and can be misunderstood and left out by others. I am learning how to give appropriate support.

HWB 1-08a / HWB 2-08a / HWB 3-08a

I am aware that positive friendships and relationships can promote health and the health and wellbeing of others.

HWB 2-44b

I understand the importance of being cared for and caring for others in relationships, and can explain why.

HWB 3-44a / HWB 4-44a

I understand the impact that misuse of substances can have on individuals, their families and friends.

HWB 2-43a

I understand the impact that ongoing misuse of substances can have on a person’s health, future life choices and options.

HWB 3-43a / HWB 4-43a

Social Studies

I can use evidence selectively to research current social, political or economic issues.

SOC 2-15a / 3-15a

I can explain why a group I have identified might experience inequality and can suggest ways in which this inequality might be addressed.

SOC 2-16a / 3-16a

Class Stage
Curriculum Links
Health and Wellbeing
Social Studies
Online (Traverse 3)

This show will be BSL interpreted and captioned.

Online (Traverse 3)

Booking information

Traverse 3 is the Traverse Theatre's new digital platform. A unique link to watch the performance will be emailed to you prior to the Festival.

  • Tuesday 25 May – Sunday 6 June

** You can watch this event at any time during the festival **

Removed is a moving and shocking insight into the experiences of Adam, a young man sharing his story of living within the state care system. “Adam is ok to share his story; really it’s all right. It’s ok that his life was turned upside down…and the social workers were nice, kinda…. and the foster homes, well… and his baby brother Joe??”

Sometimes heart-breaking, sometimes hilarious, Adam's story reaches out and grabs you, pulling you into a world that you might think you know. While Adam’s story is fictional, it is an amalgam of the many stories of young people with experience of the care system, interviewed over three years across Northern Ireland. Although dealing at times with a dark subject matter, Removed is an ideal fit for young people.

The text has been beautifully shot as a direct to camera monologue rather than a filmed performance of the stage production - the result powerfully brings Adam's story intimately alive for the viewer.

“This production does what it aims to do well: represent the stories of those who don’t often get to be heard and do so with integrity and grit.” The Irish Times ****

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