Sound Symphony
Ellie Griffiths, Co-produced by Independent Arts Projects and Oily Cart
8+ yrs

Curriculum for Excellence Resources

This inclusive and participatory approach to music making and performance sensitively uses visuals, vibrations and physical interactions to engage the audience as well as reacting to individual needs and abilities. An experience that fits well in Science and Expressive Arts.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links


By collaborating in experiments on different ways of producing sound from vibrations, I can demonstrate how to change the pitch of the sound.

SCN   1-11a

Expressive Arts

I have experienced the energy and excitement of presenting /performing for audiences and being part of an audience for other people’s presentations/performances.

EXA   0-01a/1-01a/2-01a

Class Stage
P4 – S6
Curriculum Links
Expressive Arts
North Edinburgh Arts
Duration: 50 min
Seating: Chairs and cushion seating


For special schools only

Please note that the young people's parents are encouraged to attend the performance (max one parent per child)

North Edinburgh Arts
15a Pennywell Court, Edinburgh, EH4 4TZ
  • Monday 25 May 10:30
  • Monday 25 May 13:30
  • Tuesday 26 May 10:30
  • Tuesday 26 May 13:30
  • Wednesday 27 May 10:30
  • Wednesday 27 May 13:30
  • Thursday 28 May 10:30
  • Thursday 28 May 13:30

A performance specially created for children with Autism Spectrum Condition

Sound Symphony is a new, highly interactive, sensory performance made especially for young audiences with complex autism. The show is a playful journey through music, sound and silence. It celebrates making music your own way, weaving together live classical instruments, singing and a wide range of weird and wonderful sounds. Sound Symphony provides a sensory rich environment, where the audience will feel music through their whole body. 

This performance is responsive to each audience member, allowing them to become co-composers in their own symphony of sounds. The highly interactive nature of the show enables young people with the most complex needs to access high-quality theatre.

Sublime… A deeply moving piece of theatre.” Sunday Herald

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