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The playful interaction with the characters on stage encourages the children to join in and make discoveries. That sense of creative discovery links well with Social Studies and Health and Wellbeing.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links

Social Studies

I explore and appreciate the wonders of nature within different environments.

SOC   0-08a

Health and Wellbeing

I am enjoying daily opportunities to participate in different kinds of play both outdoors and indoors.

HWB   0-025a

Class Stage
Nursery (0-2)
Curriculum Links
Health and Wellbeing
Social Studies
Traverse Theatre
Duration: 30 min
Seating: Cushion seating


Traverse Theatre
Edinburgh, EH1 2ED
  • Friday 29 May 10:30
  • Friday 29 May 14:00
  • Saturday 30 May 11:00
  • Saturday 30 May 14:00
  • Sunday 31 May 11:00
  • Sunday 31 May 14:00

Sparrows are small and chubby and they usually appear in a flock. They aren’t too afraid, almost a bit brazen and they stay close to people all year round. Most children know the sparrow, and maybe they can see that they are curious and playful, just like themselves. In this sparrow-inspired non-verbal performance, birds are hatched under the sun’s warming rays and find their way out of the egg and try to tackle their first challenges in life. Straying away from each other is perhaps the scariest of all.

Encouraged by unpredictable improvisations on the double bass and the quirky bird-like movements of the performers, Sparrow allows for both individual and collective interaction between those present. The piece is first and foremost a celebration of play and social interaction in an atmosphere of light, dance and music…

"Sparrow was a complete censorial experience; a beautiful and poetic performance where anything can happen." Scenekunst

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