Stick by Me
Andy Manley & Red Bridge Arts
3-6 yrs

Curriculum for Excellence Resources

Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. The character’s playful and creative imagination opens up a world of possibilities for the young audience to enter. This creativity is key to Early Years Learning and Expressive Arts.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links

Expressive Arts: I use drama to explore real and imaginary situations helping me to understand my world.

EXA 0-14a

The importance of play is emphasised within Early Years Learning

Play enables children to:

·        Make important connections so that they can make sense of the world

·        Consolidate and celebrate what they know and can do

·        Act out and process day to day experiences

·        Thrive, develop self-confidence and social skills

·        Experiment with and manage feelings

Class Stage
Curriculum Links
Early Learning
Expressive Arts
North Edinburgh Arts
Duration: 40 minutes (plus audience interaction at the end)
Seating: Theatre seating

Non-verbal performance.

North Edinburgh Arts
15a Pennywell Court, Edinburgh, EH4 4TZ
  • Monday 28 May 10:30
  • Monday 28 May 13:30
  • Tuesday 29 May 10:30
  • Tuesday 29 May 13:30
  • Tuesday 29 May 18:30
  • Wednesday 30 May 10:30
  • Wednesday 30 May 13:30
  • Thursday 31 May 10:30
  • Thursday 31 May 13:30

When I wake up you are there. Ready? 

Let’s run, play, hide. Follow me. Don’t get lost.

I will stick by you if you stick by me.

A quirky new show about friendship and play, and the importance of treasuring little things. Created by Andy Manley and Ian Cameron, co-creators of international hit show White. Commissioned by Gulbenkian for the Boing Festival.

“A sublime silent comic, a physical performer of grace and pathos.”  The List on Andy Manley

Commissioned by Gulbenkian for the Boing Festival and produced by Red Bridge Arts.

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