The Little Bath
Théâtre de Romette
2-6 yrs

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The Studio
Duration: 30 min
Capacity: 80
Seating: Theatre seating

No babes in arms for this show.

The Studio
22 Potterrow, Edinburgh, EH8 9BL
  • Saturday 1 June 11:00
  • Saturday 1 June 13:30
  • Saturday 1 June 15:30
  • Sunday 2 June 10:30
  • Sunday 2 June 12:30
  • Sunday 2 June 14:30

It’s the story of a man who takes a bath. Actually, it’s a dancer sculpting clouds. Or is it a cloud cradling a dancer in its arms? Or maybe it’s something else entirely…

Created for very young audiences, The Little Bath is a show full of white foam; a lot of foam, smooth and floating, malleable and fragile. Working with this fascinating material is a dancer who sculpts it, blows it and creates landscapes and ephemeral characters. A unique visual adventure full of bubbles of tenderness that will spark young children’s imagination.

A world of clouds that comes alive on stage. More than a show, this is pure enchantment.” - Télérama Sortir

This production is supported by the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni as part of its En Scéne ! programme.

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