Valentina's Galaxy
Frozen Charlotte
2-5 yrs

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An engaging piece of theatre that will inspire its young audience to discover more about the world of space and the risk-takers who venture there and will motivate learning in Science and Social Studies.

I have experienced the wonder of looking at the vastness of the sky, and can recognise the sun, moon and stars and link them to daily patterns in life.                                                                  SCN 0-06a

Children and young people, as they participate in Experiences and Outcomes in Social Studies will broaden their understanding of the world by learning about human activities and achievement in the past and present.                                                                     Experiences and Outcomes in Social Studies

Class Stage
Curriculum Links
Social Studies
Assembly Roxy
Duration: 45 min
Seating: Cushions and chairs
Assembly Roxy
2 Roxburgh Pl, Edinburgh, EH8 9SU
  • Saturday 25 May 11:30
  • Saturday 25 May 14:00
  • Tuesday 28 May 10:00
  • Tuesday 28 May 13:30
  • Wednesday 29 May 10:00
  • Wednesday 29 May 13:30
  • Thursday 30 May* 10:00
  • Thursday 30 May 13:30
  • Friday 31 May 10:00
  • Friday 31 May 11:30
  • Saturday 1 June 11:30
  • Saturday 1 June 14:00
  • *Relaxed performance aimed at audience members who would benefit from a more relaxed theatre environment, including people with an autistic spectrum, sensory or communication disorder

Presented by Imaginate and Edinburgh International Science Festival

An intergalactic adventure for starry-eyed children.

Inspired by women in space including Valentina Tereshkova (first woman in space) and Mae Jemison (first African American woman in space), Valentina’s Galaxy is a fascinating and moving experience and a real visual treat. Created by Katy Wilson and Heather Fulton, this immersive performance features a combustible concoction of experiments, rocket launches and star gazing. Frozen Charlette, makers of Paperbelle, make a welcome return to the Festival.

Originally commissioned by the Edinburgh International Science Festival, the production has undergone further development with support from the Science Festival, Imaginate and the Scottish Government’s Festivals Expo Fund.

A living galaxy lovingly created under a canopy of stars.”

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