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Duration: 35 minutes
  • Saturday 29 May 10:00
  • Saturday 29 May 14:00
  • Sunday 30 May 10:00
  • Sunday 30 May 14:00
  • Saturday 5 June 10:00
  • Saturday 5 June 14:00
  • Sunday 6 June 10:00
  • Sunday 6 June 14:00

Welcome to the world of White. White is a place where men wear bathmats as aprons and baby hats on their heads. White is a world of birdhouses, disco balls and prawn crackers. White is a place where everything is white.

But one day colour arrives and everything changes.

Over 100,000 worldwide audiences have fallen in love with this magical, highly visual show. After touring the world for the past 10 years, in 2020 Catherine Wheels brought together the original cast and creative team to produce a specially-made film of the production.

"The idea is perfectly pitched, simple, clear, witty, and gorgeous to look at." The Scotsman