Blog 7: Caroline Bowditch (Weren't you expecting me?)

5 April 2018


Resource list

Below is a list of links to information that I thought could be useful for anyone interested in making their work more accessible for disabled audiences and other links to provoke and shift your thinking.

Useful websites and reports

Reports and information about Barriers, work undertaken by Birds of Paradise Theatre Company researching and addressing the barriers faced by young disabled and D/deaf people in accessing Scottish youth arts provision including the full report.

A Guide to Inclusive Teaching Practice in Theatre by Graeae Theatre Company

Access Essentials by Graeae Theatre Company, a great checklist to use/think about for artists when considering a venue for your performance and for use by venue/festival organisations

What does it mean to make an event or performance “accessible?”, a blog by Sunny Drake

Best Practice for Creating Accessible Theatre for D/deaf Audiences by Solar Bear

Demystifying access by Unlimited, useful information for producers and performance makers 

Ensuring your venues and events are open to all  

A Guide to Theatre Access, advice on making theatre performances more accessible

Disability Arts International, a website and regular digital newsletter developed and coordinated by the British Council

An introduction to Deaf and disabled arts in the UK, a video by the British Council

A variety of useful resources connected to arts, disability and accessibility

Shape Arts list of resources, some resources to to help improve your confidence in working with disabled people, and making your organisation more diverse and inclusive

Ways of Seeing Art: Exploring the Link Between Art and Audio Description, a great booklet about Audio Description (primarily focussed on art works in galleries)

Independent Street Arts Network Access Guide, a toolkit for making outdoor arts events accessible to all

Guidelines for Touch Tours, making theatre accessible for blind or partially sighted theatre-goers by Vocal Eyes

Autscape 2018: Exploring Inclusion, an example of how to make events more Autism friendly

Dance Unstuck, a research and development project enabling a wider diversity of dancers to access training

Talks worth watching

Stella Young – I am not your inspiration thank you very much

Haben Girma – Accessibility and Innovation

Jax Jacki Brown – ‘We can be loved. We’re worthy of love’

Kiruna Stamell – All the world’s a stage

Things to do

Take a test to discover your unconscious bias