Blog: A reflection on starting In a New Light project

6 October 2020


Lead artist Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir who is based in Scotland, reflects on starting up In a New Light project with pupils from St Ninians Primary School in Edinburgh.

"Normally something will say The End so we know it's over." - P6 student St Ninian's RC Primary, Scotland

We are at the beginning now. The beginning is when you get to know the story and the people in it. It's when you know that if you keep going, you will know more about what will happen.

We are working across different languages, time zones and landscapes. Some of us have started, some of us are about to start. We are all in it together.

We are getting to know each other at a distance - connecting through letter writing, video calls and shared discoveries. We are sending letters, introducing ourselves, asking questions and sharing our excitement. We have written songs and we are having conversations about what happens when things come to an end. We are finding new ways of connecting across a distance - navigating and sharing our experiences. We are talking to the elders in our community, we are attempting to understand what it means to be in a crisis. One of us spoke about how to get your voice heard, you need to make a film with a message.

That's what we are doing. We are at the beginning now, and it is full of possibilities.

"I looked around - the earth was trembling" - Young people, Gidree Bawlee, Bangladesh