Blog: Amalia Herrera

30 April 2018


    Lead Artist - Amalia Herrera (Belgium, Migration Lab)

    Amalia took part in the Migration Lab in Dublin which inspired her to start working on a new production called What comes from the river which will be supported by HET LAB. HET LAB is the name of the new residential artistic lab/workspace for young audiences run by Belgian PUSH partners Krokusfestival (CCHA).  HET LAB will open in September 2018.

    "The work I am creating relates to the Lab that I had the opportunity to share in Dublin with other artist colleagues because it gave me more solid information about the reality of migration related to children.  It could explore the search for roots, the vulnerability of not belonging to nowhere and yes to many places that we travel and by which we move when we migrate. 

    When this migration is abrupt and violent, this process of creating a new universe to live is more painful and difficult. 

    I do this relationship and I would like to relate it to the water that has that delicate strength of going where it wants and breaking when it is imprisoned.

    What comes from the river

    Sometimes, I think my body is made of stories and water

    My stories, stories that eventually got wet, disappearing, transforming and transmitting. Stories that were weaving in multiple directions of the memory. They are the grandmothers, the parents, the blood brothers and those who do not, the cousins and uncles, they come with the stories of the countryside and travels with the waters that crosses the worlds.

    This is how memory hits you. In its way, it breaks you apart and disarms you.

    Creation, concept and interpretation: Amalia Herrera / Mariana Torres
    Technical team: Aquí Allá"