News: Mixed-Up at Edinburgh International Festival

10 August 2021

c. Cagoule TV
c. Cagoule TV

Schools in Edinburgh are in for a treat this Autumn! The show Mixed Up, which was commissioned by Imaginate and first shown at the Children’s Festival in May this year as a digital project, can finally be presented live into schools as part of a partnership between Edinburgh International Festival, Imaginate and Starcatchers.

The interactive performance by artist Katy Wilson and co-produced by Starcatchers explores the mixed-up feelings and emotions that young children might experience in turbulent times. Using painting, live music, beat-boxing and hip-hop, Katy Wilson and her team of multi-talented artists have created a unique outdoor experience for schools.

The show (for 3-8 year olds) will be presented in school playgrounds as part of Edinburgh International’s Play on Stages programme in August-September before going on tour into Imaginate’s Immerse schools until Spring 2022.

In this highly visual street-art inspired interactive performance, pupils will be watching the artists move, dance and paint, exploring feelings through vibrant colours and movement. They will also be encouraged to take part, dipping their toes and fingers in. The show choreographed by Ashley Jack will feature hip hop dancers Gabriele Bruzzese & Ursula Manandhar, visual artist Greer Pester and beatboxer Bigg Taj.

This new live version is an exciting step forward for lead artist Katy Wilson as the show could only be delivered through film and teacher-led activities in May due to Covid restrictions. The filmed version was a huge success though, as Katy retained an element of live experience by providing instruction videos for teachers so they could get the children drawing, beatboxing and dancing in the playground after watching the film.

Artist Katy Wilson said:
“When lockdown started, we all started to grieve our old comforts and be separated from someone or something. With Mixed Up we can look at our emotions using dance and paint rather than words. It doesn’t have to be dark, just honest. I want to make something that children can apply their own meaning to. I want to explore live experiences that help children to express themselves and understand their emotions.”