Making Stop Motion Animation - video 2

This second video acts as a step by step guide to the software, where Tim will walk you through the creation of a short animation with Lego and household objects. It is also split into chapters so you can jump straight to the part you want to see.

00:21 2.1 Opening the app
01:36 2.2 The Big Red Button
01:51 2.3 The Help Button?
02:06 2.4 Let's get started!
03:31 2.5 Deleting unwanted frames
04:26 2.6 Ghosts and Onion Skins!
05:29 2.7 Moving a little or moving a lot
05:52 2.8 Bringing in another character
06:38 2.9 Starting simple
07:04 2.10 Letting ideas happen
08:02 2.11 Playing it back

When you've had time to process video 2, we encourage you to get started on your own creations. Watch Video 3 for more tips and tricks to bring your Stop Motion animation to the next level! 

We would love to see your creations! Please email us your short videos at or tweet us @ImaginateUK, using the hashtags #ImaginateIdeas and #StopMotion