Drawing the Theatrical Experience

This downloadable report should be a great read for those interested in how primary school aged pupils respond to theatre.

Matthew’s research explores audiences’ experiences of live theatre and dance performances using creative and playful methodologies such as drawing, creative writing and interactive media. He has a particular interest in exploring how children and young people watch, experience and remember the performing arts – not least because their responses are often extremely rich and diverse.

Matthew’s research into young audiences examines their experiences of performance as performance; exploring the meanings, memories and sensations that they take away from the performances that they see; and considers how they can become active spectators who have a sense of autonomy over their experiences and their opinions.

Amongst other outcomes, the project resulted in a book, The Young Audience: Exploring and Enhancing Children’s Experiences of Theatre, published in 2010.

Click here to download the report for Drawing the Theatrical Experience – how children watch theatre by Matthew Reason.