Touring as part of Theatre in Schools Scotland

Up to Speed by Rosalind Sydney. Photo by Colin Hattersley.

Interested in touring your production as part of Theatre in Schools Scotland?

Our year-round touring programme is curated by the artistic teams at Imaginate and National Theatre of Scotland and has two components: 

Commissioned productions 

These are selected by panel each June for the next academic year (ie June 2020 for programming Sept 2021 - March 2022*). The panel is formed by representatives of the artistic teams at Imaginate and National Theatre of Scotland.
*Please note that our timetable may differ for 2020-22 due to the suspension of touring and uncertainty during spring 2020.  

These productions are remounts of theatre or dance productions with proven record of success with schools audiences from Scottish companies. 

The current model is for the company to perform 5 days per week for around 8 weeks, to 1 school per day, performing 2 shows per day – other models may be considered.

Productions should be suitable for nursery and/or primary age groups. We are currently particularly interested in those suitable for Primary 2-5 (age 6-9).

Commissioned productions receive a fee to remount and tour the production which is then booked and partly managed by Theatre in Schools Scotland. 

Any company who is developing work for nurseries and schools, or wishing to highlight a production that could be considered for commission should email for outline information. This can be done at any time throughout the year. 


Productions from Associated Companies

Productions from Associated Companies may also be included in the programme. These are productions for schools which are fully funded by the associate companies and presented under the banner of Theatre in Schools Scotland. The associated companies currently are the original partners on the pilot project: Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, Visible Fictions and Starcatchers. This collaboration provides a wider programme offer to Scotland's schools. 


We are very keen to work with as varied a group of artists as possible, including people with disability, people of colour and from minority ethnic communities, and all those who feel their voices and stories are not commonly represented.


More information on Theatre in Schools Scotland can be found at  or by contacting