Inspiring Futures Fundraising appeal

We LOVED your Children’s Festival last year and still talk about it. Hope this helps you all to come back and do more fabulous things.

—Allison and Alexandra (aged 6.5)

The Covid-19 crisis is affecting us all. Schools are off, the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival is cancelled, and many independent artists have had their work cancelled while parents and children are stuck at home for the forseeable future.

So Imaginate has launched a new project to:

  • Occupy and inspire children with innovative projects led by theatre and dance artists for children at home
  • Help parents and carers by providing creative activities and projects to do as a family
  • Help Scottish artists with paid work and time to explore new ideas to connect with young audiences

We need YOUR support to make this happen.

We are fundraising on a rolling monthly basis for an Ideas Fund pot that artists can apply to. Imaginate has committed £5,000. Can you help us double that amount by the end of April?

An Ideas Fund pot of £10,000 will enable us to support at least 10 exciting new ideas from artists, following an open application process. These ideas will be aimed at children, they might happen online, arrive by post, or something else that we haven’t thought of yet!

These are tough times for us all. Together, we can make a small difference for independent artists while bringing joy and creativity to families in Scotland.

Please give what you can. Every penny will be ring-fenced for this project. If you have any questions, please contact our Fundraising Manager Molly at
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For more information, or to discuss a specific way of supporting us, contact Imaginate’s Fundraising Manager Molly Goyer Gorman by email or 0131 290 2405. Imaginate is a registered charity (No. SC016437).