Edinburgh International Children’s Festival Scratch That! Night

2 June 2017
  • Mamoru Iriguchi - photo by Kat Gollock
Lauriston Hall
  • Friday 2 June 20:30

This event is free but tickets must be booked in advance.

Booking information

The Scratch That! event is available to book for all registered festival delegates through the Traverse Box office on 0131 228 1404 or online.

You can find out more about becoming a festival delegate here.

Scratch That! at Edinburgh International Children's Festival


Lyra Young Company - Sampler (age 8+)

Our Scratch That! evening will open with a very special, invited performance by Lyra Young Company.

- sample: a small amount of something that gives you information about the thing it was taken from

Sampler is made by Lyra's Young Company working with professional theatre, dance and music makers.  Inspired by sampling techniques in music and by traditional cross-stitch samplers, a group of young people have turned their identities and emotions into a performance using sampling and samplers as a vehicle for expression.  Sampler is a celebration of the random and seemingly disconnected fragments that when pieced together give a unique picture of who we are. This performance is a 10-minute sample of a larger piece

Performed by: Ella, Steph, Kyle, Grace, Ayo, Ty, Delali, Skye, Holly, Sandy

Jo Timmins – Director
Mark Bleakley - Lead Dance & Visual Artist
Caitlin Mulgrew - Music Artist
Nicola Milazzo - Design & Creative Technician
Ema Park - Dance Artist
David Bowes - Technician
Konrad - Production Trainee

Martyn Dempsey - The Girl with the Imagination (age 8+)

'The Girl with the Imagination,' is a folk tale which tells the story of Mary Ellen, a Princess who lives in a swamp with her father after all their people have abandoned them there. Mary Ellen creates a world of imaginary characters around her in order to help her survive, and the play deals with the psychological benefits and consequences of her having done so, especially when this becomes an even bigger aspect of her life following her fathers death. Ultimately the play deals with the thin line between madness and the imagination. Told through storytelling, song and visual theatre.  Shortlisted for the Verity Bargate Award 2013.

You can listen to recordings of some of the music and text here.

Martyn Dempsey - Writer/Director                                                
Eilidh Weir - Mary Ellen
Rosalind McAndrew – Sarranovsky
Jennifer Hainey – BunnyFly
Cameron McGarva – Marcovnee
Mark Kydd - The King
Sandy Nelson = Colonel George
Calum MacAskill - Puppetry Consultant

Ellie Griffiths - Stuck Together (age 7+)

‘Stuck Together’ (working title) is a new piece of visual theatre being made for audiences aged 7-11 years, which mixes live feed projection with photo collage. Through this process Ellie is unpicking our relationship with photographs by poking around in family albums, iconic photographs and self-portraits. This material will form one part of a collage of fragments exploring different aspects of this theme. At a time where we are communicating increasingly through photographs, Ellie hopes this show will challenge and provoke this audience at an age where they are about to take control of their own photographic narrative.

"A photograph isolates the appearances of a disconnected instance, whereas remembered images are the residue of continuous experience." John Berger

Stadium Rock - The Assassination of Julia Marsh (age 14+)

The Assassination of Julia Marsh is the story of how one young woman deals with the way she has been treated, and how she has been publicly exposed, by using her skills to carry out an attack...

‘My reputation was hacked to pieces. Piece by tiny piece. Hack. Hack. Hack.'

 This play was originally written as a short for the Village Pub Theatre in Edinburgh, to be performed once in front of a pub audience. Following a strong response from audiences and artists, we felt that the story deserved an opportunity to grow. It’s about young people (both boys and girls) who might be struggling with ideas of consent and the lines between fun and fear. It’s a hard story to listen to, but it’s based in everyday realities.

Geraldine Heaney - Sound Artist
Peter Lannon - Sound Artist
Xana Marwick – Writer
Caitlin Skinner - Director
Nicola Roy – Performer

Mamoru Iriguchi - SEXXES (age 14+)

SEXXES is a performance lecture about gender fluidity. Employing DIY digital technology, Mamoru invites the audience to a roller-coaster evolutionary ride on sexual behaviour in humans and other species. SEXXES opens up a new door to look into the fluidity of gender that was inherited from our ancestors and will carry on evolving wonderfully into the future!

Mamoru Iriguchi – Performer
Gavin Pringle - Operator