Ashanti Harris

  • Ashanti Harris c. Ruth Mitchell

Ashanti Harris (b. Georgetown, Guyana) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

Ashanti is a visual artist, teacher and researcher, working with dance, performance and installation. With a focus on recontextualusing historical narratives, Ashanti’s work dissects epistemologies of mobilities - the movement of people, ideas and things and the wider social implications of these movements, specifically in relation to the diaspora of West Africa and the Caribbean. As part of her creative practice, she is a co-director for Project X – a creative education programme, platforming the dances of the African and Caribbean diaspora; and works collaboratively as part of the collective Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S) – facilitating movement workshops, research groups and collaborative performances. Ashanti has performed and exhibited her work nationally and internationally at: Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art (Glasgow); Annuale (Edinburgh); Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre (Dundee); The Anatomy Rooms (Aberdeen); Fringe Arts Bath (Bath); Festival of the Not (Newcastle) ZKU and Volksbühne Theatre (Berlin); The Centre for the Less Good Idea (Johannesburg). For more information, please visit