Christine Urquhart

  • Christine Urquhart

Christine is a British - Taiwanese Sceographer based in Glasgow but has spent most of her career abroad in Bulgaria, New Zealand, Australia and Canada for a combined 8 years. 

She discovered Theatre (Live Performance) later in life in 2008 at 21 years old and was a Fine Artist Painter / Sculptor prior to that. Her career began with non verbal pieces in Dance and Physical Theatre moving through to collaborations on New Writings. Her work questions viewpoints and narrative structure, the body as a political statement, the audience as witnesses and is responsive to space as a Design Provocateur. She was most recently Dora Nominated (Canada) for an Outstanding Costume Design (costuming Indigenous, Settler and Black bodies in a reimagined Greek text) and for an Outstanding Set Design (where she transformed a purpose built traditional Pros Theatre into an In-The-Round configuration and viscerally placed the audience on the outskirts of a conflict zone.) She is drawn to work that sits outside the canon of normative Western stories or practises and her hope when she designs is to create spaces that are kinetic and suspend disbelief.  

In Scotland she has designed A Wire Apart (Paper Doll Militia / Manipulate Festival), is developing The Squawks Talk Secrets (Visible Fictions) and Shō and the Demons of the Deep (Independent Arts Projects) and is a recent recipient of a 'Lead By Design' bursary project in association with Grid Iron and the Design Association 'The Envelope Room.'