Katrine Turner

Katrine Turner is a Glaswegian artist working with performance in both theatre and participatory settings.

Over the past 7 years, Katrine has worked extensively as a facilitator for children and young people across Scotland and Germany. She has been developing a practice of working collaboratively with young people, with a specific interest with working with young people within school settings. She currently works part time at the Theatre Royal Dumfries, where she is embedding young people within the theatre through interventions such as youth takeovers, teenage programmers and a manifesto written by children.

Katrine often creates work concerned with speculative futures, the climate crisis and the end of capitalism. During the pandemic she has been exploring the creation of live performance events that can exist alongside restrictions. As part of Catherine Wheels Make Space programme, Katrine created ‘The Climate Crisis Can’t Be Cancelled’ a socially distanced interactive performance that stages the rescheduled COP26 summit in a primary school playground. Most recently, she created a telephone performance ‘An Alternative Helpline for the End of the World’, which can be watched through an empty shop window, exploring the use of outsourced call handlers in the pandemic response as part of the Tramway Beyond Walls season.