Home at Showbox Festival

3 - 6 December 2019
Dates & times

3 - 6 December 2019

Showbox 2019 will be hosting the PUSH+ Home Festival Presentation and Festival Visit.

Festival Visit

From 3 - 6 December 2019, PUSH+ artists and partners will attend Showbox Festival to interact with the Norwegian performing arts secor, watch performances all over Oslo, join networking events and meet festival delegates and audiences.  Each PUSH+ partner will attend with two artists from their country.

Home Lab artists will present works-in-progress, and lead discussions with artists and other professionals about what home is and how it can be integrated in theatre and dance for young audiences.

  • Networking lunch (5 Dec 2019)

All PUSH+ artists, international delegates, Norweigan artists and other festival participants are invited to lunch and networking.

Festival Presentation

The Festival Presentation will give artists who took part in the Home Lab the opportunity to present works in progress, interventions or site-specific performances for an audience of international delegates, festival guests, Norwegian artists and audiences at Showbox.

The PUSH+ artists presenting work will arrive in Oslo a few days before Showbox opens for rehearsal time, space and the critical input of outside eye Saila Hyttinen to work with their ideas.

Artists presenting works in progress:

A performance about searching for, finding and losing home, and how family constellations change. A safe space for children and young people to explore different feelings related to the concept of home as well as engage and inspire them. What makes their home, home (again)?

With a blanket covered with bird feathers, Birdwoman has a shelter, a safe belt, a costume, a harness. A solo performance exploring the friction between appearing and disappearing. Between hiding and showing.