Accelerator - Rosana Cade

Photo by Ivor MacAskill
Photo by Ivor MacAskill
I'm thrilled to be working with Imaginate on this project. I've always admired their holistic approach to artist development, and I will benefit hugely from all their expertise in connecting with young people.

Rosana has been selected as the 2024 Accelerator Artist.

Why might someone have a different point of view to us? Why do we think some things are true and other people don’t?  What happens if we try to look at something from a different perspective? How can we use perspective to help us with things we are struggling with? Can more than one thing be true at the same time depending on how you look at it? 

Rosana said: "With support from Accelerator I will be researching a new performance for young people and adults using Forced Perspective to look at shifting points of view, multiple truths, and open up complex intergenerational conversations. 

Forced Perspective is an old camera trick, which means that objects and people closer to the camera appear larger and objects and people further away will appear smaller in the frame. If you position the camera at the right angle you can make it look like they are next to each other but different sizes. 

Having worked with this convention in our recent show as Cade & MacAskill: The Making of Pinocchio, presenting multiple perspectives simultaneously with a live camera feed, I’ve been enthusiastic about recreating this kind of set up for a young audience. It is surprisingly simple to create really effective images, and feels very fun and exciting to experiment with. 

Through sessions with young people I will explore the potential of having an adult and child perform together, and also experiment with the possibility of making something interactive where audiences are able to step into different positions and appear either large or small in comparison to others. Questions around how we form our points of view and what it means to shift perspectives will be at the heart of these experiments.

I’m thrilled to be collaborating with some of the team from The Making Of Pinocchio to continue this practice: Jo Hellier as a performer, co-deviser and camera person, and Ivor MacAskill as a dramaturg."