Imaginate at Citymoves - Mhairi Allan & Heather Fulton

Photos Sid Scott -

For this residency, we are seeking the opportunity to get our two brains and two bodies into a room to see what happens and to shape and develop the ideas that emerge. How do we create a dance and theatre piece for children/young adults and how can we explore such work that nurtures their creativity, imagination and experience of the world? We aim to develop work that explores personal narratives, childhood memories and themes, which may be sensitive, but also fun, playful and curious and above all poignant at the core of its composition, to produce a piece of dance theatre that is multilayered.

—Mhairi Allan

Imaginate and Citymoves worked together to support the development of a new dance for young audiences production.  After an open call out, the panel selected a project led by Mhairi Allan and Heather Fulton.

Mhairi Allan is an Aberdeen based dancer/choreographer, yoga teacher and nurse and Heather Fulton is a theatre director and Artistic Director of Frozen Charlotte Productions based in Moray. Mhairi and Heather applied to Imaginate At Citymoves after a recent collaboration as part of a Wee Tales / 10 Ft Tall and Frozen Charlotte production for Arts Across Learning Festival in Aberdeen earlier this year. The project was brief yet very successful and initiated a collaboration that excited both parties, seeing connections in their styles of creating work. 

“I have been fortunate to share the process of Heather’s creations and learning from her years of experience of making work for a wide range of young audiences and am really excited at the chance to develop our joint visions further." Mhairi Allan

Mhairi and Heather worked together during the week of 1 October 2018, spending time developing their ideas with two Aberdeen-based dancers Eowyn Barrett and Shaun Stickland and cellist Atzi Muramatsu.

Both Heather and Mhairi had Go & See funding during Edinburgh International Children’s Festival to support this development.

Mhairi and Heather shared what they had developed as part of DanceLive 2018 at The Anatomy Rooms.  All photos by Sid Scott.