Immerse Ideas Fund: Arty Packs

Credit: Photo by Kate Temple
Credit: Photo by Kate Temple
I was thinking about how much time many of us are spending in front of screens (thank goodness for technology!) - but I'd like to develop something that takes us away from the screen for a while. Something to touch, to hold, to squeeze, to spread, to scrumple, to cut, to tear, to draw, to twist, to hang, to imagine. Something physical and tactile and tangible.

—Kate Temple

Remember the joy of getting a package? 

My idea is to make ARTY PACKAGES for young people.

A beautiful package filled with arty goodies to encourage play, making, and family collaboration. 

A package filled with ideas, inspiration, distraction, entertainment, connection, fun and endless creative possibility.

A delight to receive and many moments of joy. 

Kate will create 150 ARTY PACKS filled with lots of wonderful things. These will be distributed via three of our Immerse schools, specifically to children and families who are struggling to access digital learning and/or materials that bring some joy into their home. We are thankful to Craigroyston Primary, Forthview Primary, Brunstane Primary and North Edinburgh Arts for their support in getting the packs to children. 

Arty Packs collage

Thank you to the Walter Scott & Partners Giving Group for supporting this project.