The Wishing Cupboard

c. Stephen Dobbie
c. Stephen Dobbie
When the box arrived, the resources were just out of this world and that’s what makes Imaginate/Punchdrunk Enrichment stand apart from other companies and other creative experiences that the children have had.

—Teacher who took part in another Punchdrunk Enrichment project

The Wishing Cupboard is a new teacher-led adventure for Early Years (nurseries and P1) in partnership with Punchdrunk Enrichment, that inspires and develops imaginative teaching practices whilst placing learning professionals at the centre of creativity.

We invite schools and nurseries to sign up to take part in project, which will be delivered with support from Imaginate and Punchdrunk Enrichment during January-April 2024. You will receive online training and a kit which includes props, an easy to follow narrative and a teacher pack to guide you through the day-by-day delivery of the project.

Usually getting information about what's happened at school out of her is a challenge, but she could not talk about this story enough. She was so excited that even her little brother (who didn't take part) is still talking about it. They were all living every beat of the story and it was glorious!

—Parent of a child who took part in another Punchdrunk Enrichment project

About the project

The introduction of a beautiful poster in class signals the beginning of an inspiring story. It is followed with the arrival of a magical cupboard that needs the help of your class. ‘Lost’ objects start to appear inside and only the pupils’ imaginations can support find their true purpose. Could the stone be having a bubble bath? Perhaps it's a hot water bottle for a rabbit? The children must help the objects find their destiny!

Teachers and nursery practitioners will receive:

  • A half day online CLPL to immerse teachers in Punchdrunk Enrichment practice and to share advice and tips on how to best deliver the project.
  • A toolkit of handmade props, posters and materials for simple design installations that bring The Wishing Cupboard to life in your school.
  • A detailed teacher resource pack
  • These materials can be used to repeat the project for future year groups.

How to take part

The project will be delivered in nurseries and P1 classes between Feb - Apr 2024, with a CPD session taking place on Friday 26 January 2024. 

The Wishing Cupboard is available at £360 +VAT.

To express your interest in taking part, email Anna Broomfield (Schools & Communities Project Coordinator) by Friday 12 January 2024 (note deadline has been extended).

About Punchdrunk Enrichment

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