The Swings

c. Suzanne Heffron

by All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre

Ages: 4 yrs+

‘Life was never better on a swing, the higher the better!’ Come and enter our world of The Swings.  We love playing and swinging about on our giant swing set and we’d love you to have a go to. Your swinging will activate a soundscape full of memories of being on a swing. Feel the rush of air past your face and be inspired by our aerialists with what you can do with a swing!  

A 5m high giant swing set, 2 swings, 2 aerialists and a sound installation where you can play, watch, and listen.  An interactive event for all the family.

Creative team

Nic Green (Director)
Jennifer Paterson (Choreographer & Director)
Becky Minto (Design)
Yas Clarke (Sound Artist)
Chrissie Ardill (Performer)
Claire Crook (Performer & Rigger)
Beverley Grant (Performer)
Danuta Ramos (Performer)