Blog: ANYONE, a film about TikTok, boredom, loneliness, love and restrictions

23 November 2020

Photo by Jack Wrigley
Photo by Jack Wrigley

By Lucy Gaizely, (over)protection Lab participant

In lockdown I learned:

I hate zoom alot

being an artist isn't an essential worker

social media is toxic and makes me unwell but I can't delete the fucking apps,

I can run really far when I am in the zone

I like gin too much. 

I dwelled through Lockdown and into the subsequent period after this that I was unessential and unneeded. I had my heart and soul set on doing what I thought we would do and couldn't move beyond that, simultaneously in my house, a house of 6 we were overrun with computers, phones and TikTok. My 11 year old had her birthday in lockdown proper and got a phone, we allowed TikTok and it seemed to frame for good and for bad everything from that moment on. 

Inspired and alarmed by TikTok, 21Common decided to make a film about TikTok, boredom, loneliness, love and restrictions. We invited 11 children to work with us and 2 vocalists to work on a soundtrack. We made ANYONE a 26 min film to be watched on your mobile phone.

Lucy Gaizely, based in Scotland, participated in the PUSH (over)protection Lab in Hasselt in September 2017.