Blog: This time children are in charge! Forthview Primary pupils report on Creative Encounters

5 April 2023

Photos c. Kat Gollock
Photos c. Kat Gollock

We are the Creative Encounters documentary team:

We are: 

  • Ava 
  • Real 
  • Bethel 
  • Survin 
  • Bobby 
  • Tasfiah

We are in charge of documenting the Creative Encounters experience because:

We believe we have the right to speak and be listened to and be heard. We see from different perspectives and this means you can see our point of view. Because Adults can be super boring and we are pretty much fun. No offence… but adults' ideas can be absolutely rubbish. Children are more flexible so they can take better angles.  

Our first task as the documentary team happened on Thursday 9 March. 

We were called out of class and we thought we were in trouble with Ms Foster as we sat in a room together. BUT... we were actually gonna go take photos. We met Kat, a professional photographer, who taught us about angles, perspectives, editing and generally how to take a fantastic photograph. We took thousands of pictures on iPads and on a professional camera. We took pictures of random stuff, pencils, footballs, unicorns, pandas, plants - because they looked good AND we were testing and trying out our photography skills. 

We then become paparazzi for the p3s, photographing their hats and their cat walking as part of the development of HAT, HAT, HAT.  Here are some of our photos:

So far these are all our thoughts about Creative Encounters: 

  • Really fun, we get to do fun stuff and we get free food 
  • Exciting, just anything positive  
  • Fun, interesting, intriguing 
  • Learning how to do a photoshoot 
  • Wanting you to become an artist 
  • Making friendships - finding friends, we bond through spending time together. We don’t often mix outside of our year groups 

We went on a trip to the French Institute. We watched the P7 from Forthview give a speech about the show we have chosen to be part of the festival; Hat, Hat, Hat by Cynthia Cheung 👌. Most of the time it’s adults speaking about children but This time Children are in charge. As you can see from our photos these four kids have put their show faces on and make a special speech about what we’ve been doing. (and yes this was written by kids as well) 
They also exited doing a protest about children’s rights. The event was about the festival and what shows are coming to this year’s. We are really excited about the programme. 

Ava from the team said

“...yesterday (the festival launch) was the best day ever. We got to take photos, with Imaginate and we made the posters. We got to do whatever design we wanted I did pink and blue” 

Our protest banners highlighted our rights and were inspired by the show Protest by Hannah Lavery. They were used in a press call photoshoot as part of the festival launch.  

Our hopes for the next part of the project are: 

  • That we might get famous by sharing our work on Newsround. 😃🤞🏻😃 
  • We’d like make some content for YouTube and try out creating our own Creative Encounters vlog