Evaluating the Performing Arts

This downloadable resource pack consists of six key lessons to work through in a classroom.

It seeks to facilitate discussion and debate, giving learners an opportunity to reflect, not just on their own experience, but on the ideas and opinions brought forward by their peers in their own class.

The lessons in the pack encourage pupils to be active audience members, observing and processing all aspects of a performance or live art event.  This active engagement can help develop their aesthetic appreciation, their understanding of the impact of creative choices, support them to make informed judgements and constructive comments. 

Through the reflection and analysis of performance learners can also develop their own creative material, for example writing a story about a particular character, or creating a piece of drama featuring a character from a performance they have seen.  Through analysing their own response to a performance pupils will build up an understanding of how best to communicate ideas, feelings or points of view through expressive art forms which will help them to make more informed decisions in their own creative work.

Fundamentally the process of discussing thoughts, feelings and emotional responses to performance will help develop pupils’ personal confidence, their ability to engage in debate with others and their understanding of and skills in reflecting on art and culture, all of which lie at the heart of the four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence. 

Click here to download the Evaluating the Performing Arts: a step-by-step teaching guide.