Heather Marshall

  • Photo by Mo Ford

Heather is a multi award winning, socio political artist and writer. She often works under the company name Creative Electric where she creates theatre and live art for people that may not traditionally engage in the arts due to social or financial barriers.

Previous works have included:

Shoplifter<>Shapeshifter: body positive body sculptures & physical theatre created by people with lived experience of shoplifting. 
Sinking Horses: a performative space, in which to explore, create and discuss what mental health is to an individual.
Glittershit: an audio installation for public toilets that explores the effects of MDMA on a young person over a 3 day period. 
Treat: a durational performance work using ice cream that explores the importance of self-care.
Hey, I’m Alive!: an endurance performance that explored the isolation of life shortening conditions by placing performers inside giant zorbs. 
re:place: a continuous art project that provides a creative outlet and basic living essentials for people living on the streets of Edinburgh. 

A large part of Heather’s work explores the impact a person’s environment has on their mental health. This became the subject of her most recent play ‘____ is where the heart is’ which toured rural and central belt Scotland in summer 2019.

Heather is artist in residence with Edinburgh International Festival. The focus of this 18 month long residency is to empower young people through arts activism, developing participants confidence and self-esteem and ensuring that young LGBTQ+ voices are not only heard but celebrated in their communities.

Creative Electric produced The Happiness Project as part of Army at the Fringe 2019. The play explores the need for non-sexual physical contact in our digital era and focuses on LGBTQ+, working class and disabled people’s experiences. The company saw their engagement in Army at the Fringe as a protest, they wanted to take up space within the army and ensure under represented voices were heard.

Heather is currently creating an adaption of Medusa inspired by her and other women’s experiences of living with premenstrual dysphoric disorder. The work is being supported by Stellar Quines and The Playwrights Studio Scotland.

For more information on Heather’s work and Creative Electric please go to www.creative-electric.org