Performance Opportunities

Photo by Jassy Earl
Photo by Jassy Earl

Imaginate Scratch That! events are excellent opportunities to try out a new idea with an audience of peers and likeminded folks and receive audience feedback at an early stage. We currently programme a Scratch That! event in Autumn each year, it is curated through an open call out.

If your idea is at a later stage than a scratch, we programme an event called Ideas Exchange each spring.  We share works in progress at this event, offering feedback from an audiences of peers and industry colleagues.   Ideas Exchange is curated through an open call out and sometime by invitation for Accelerator artists.

We also programme works in progress and rehearsed readings as part of the delegate programme at Edinburgh International Children's Festival which is curated by invitation.

For performances that are made for public spaces, or that suit the noisey environment, we have an annual Family Day, at the National Museum of Scotland, as part of Edinburgh International Children's Festival. This event takes place in late May each year and is curated through an open call out plus some invited work.  In 2019 we launched our first Family Day commission in partnership with Glasgow Life/Merchant City Festival which we hope will become an annual opportunity.  The commission was selected by an open call out.

You can click on these links for more information about performing at Edinburgh International Children's Festival and as part of Theatre in Schools Scotland.

If you would like to talk about any of these opportunities, please contact Fiona Ferguson Creative Development Director.